The Path of the Player

Chaos in Dyvers

The caravan made it to Dyvers. A strange new elf Joins us from what i can tell she thinks shes sneaky. outside of town we came upon some dudes head. i guess shikashi knew him he had a big hammer.

I decided at this point it was time to meet up with my contact see if there was any work to be done in town you know make a little extra gold. however the work turned out to be my caravan uncool dude. also this crazy druid seems out to damage the college and its transmutational works because oooh lets save some animals come on im not down for hugging trees.

as we make for the road again i continue my learning to hopefully be able to cast proper magic soon all this illusion stuff is cool for sneaking but i want to shadow step (dimension door) at some point.

A Bear Among Friends?

The bear walks alone, burdened by furs.

Greyhawk gate is busy. Many traders. The toll is paid.

Group of traders do not fear the bear, they ask for help. They also have a bear.

Greyhawk fears their bear, maybe their bear does not kill wolves.

Their bear is also a short bearded woman.

Traders come to The Bear's cave. I share my food, they are happy. 

Short man brings back plants to eat. One of them passes out. The Bear's hand is fuzzy.

The bear follows, we find hidden door. 

Door leads to men. The men stink like dead. 

Dead men fear the bear. The bear fears nothing.

The bear smash the dead men, make them stay dead.

The bear is tired.

Into the maw of the beast.
My poor little beasty's maw...

Godsday 4th of Goodmonth

Gite – Priest of Delleb


Catachen west  of Dyvers

Indoctrination Book of Nerull

Blank Journal Book from Delleb

Octavia has great mushrooms, put Shikashi to the floor. fortunately I still have 1/3rd magic mushroom. 

Ellian found on side of road teenage lady, swindler, tweaker.

Entered the the koleb place, found, fought and killed 7 guardians. Hopefully they were actually 'bad' people. They killed my brave pseudodragon Mystery. They have paid for their deeds. 

I find it strange that it seems like they were almost 'locked' in.

A Bear Among Wolves

Wolves fear Bear. Is wise, for Bear is strong.

I kill wolves, keep Greyhawk safe. Greyhawk not know how well I do, only know the hides I bring.

Weak man take lack of wolves for granted. Weak man have many cattle.

Yjolk is the giver of life, only by taking life. Predators die only to let prey live. 

Prey is weak, prey fears the wolf.

The wolf fears the Bear for the Bear is strong.

Explore house for small guy.

Found a little guy. He hired us to kick out people in his house. We explored house. We kicked out bad guys. Then good guys came and kicked us out. I am told we were in the house for a very long time. I think the pointy hatted guy was wrong. I do not feel like we have been in here for very long at all.

Things feel shifty....
Defining what's real

Well…that was all just a bust. Sounds like this Crown will belongs to Cedric. However, I still feel like he is trying to kill us, which considering we ran off with the crown, kind of makes sense. I definitely think someone is still hunting us. 

Sending us some zombies to attack us in the Inn, I feel bad for the innkeeper, and I don't think our name is going to be too well respected…at least on the road to Greyhawk. 

I feel it's time we send this crown back to it's owner and then find ourselves some sort of adventure. Not sure I want to continue to work for this Cedric fellow. 

And I'll avoid Greyhawk in the future…unless I want to just throw money out to the streets…

Take that crown and ....
Places not to put things.

We did it! We made it out of that wondrous castle, with a score of booty and the crown. Now to say a big 'Peace Out' to this Cedric guy and head about our ways.

I am a little worried that someone is trying to spy on us at this time and definitely want to be aware of that for the future. I felt that presence once, who knows who else may have felt that. Someone definitely tried to take the crown away from us, posing as our friendly ghost only to learn that he could not take the crown. Stole some of my compatriots trusty weapons though…

So we heave made it to Dyvers and Shikashi's guild has been more than willing to examine some of the magic we found. Definitely the cursed ring of tongue tying should not go to anyone in the party, unless they get to mouthy. I'm willing to let them examine the Tigersoul will and keep a record of that. For as things may lay, I am definitely taking up the role of ruler. For the day we may return.  For now, more adventures await!

Today I go out and try this idea of summoning a familiar…an ardous ritual that has been sitting in my Book of Lost Lore.

The attempt work! This little Pseudodragon is amazing! Having him aid me during this journey will be just as it needs to be!

Where shall we head next, what shall we do, shall we call out Cedric as I wonder around with this crown…That dirty rat tried to have us killed! Thankfully that didn't come to pass, but I do feel an obligation to let the people of Manava know his true intentions if we ever go back that way. I don't like the idea of something lingering over us. 

Ahh yes this Crown, a connection to something long lost and asleep, I shall wear this crown some more and attempt to delve into it's secrets…I think it might be a nice belt for me…

Nude crown found, escape castle. Go to city.

We fond the crown. The nude crown. We left castle. I forget somethings happened in the castle, but it is not important. We traveled to elf friend's place of schooling. There we pay to enter city, it must be a nice city to have to pay to enter.

Skyee sells his stuff, we get more gold. I find a man selling my lost Earth Breaker. I buy Earth Breaker. I now follow everyone, wondering when we go to Cedric to finish quest and get paid.

The choices we make
Did you see the size of those fangs?!?!?!

This is insanity. Their is a huge bug collection in the basement. Hopefully they are held back.

This is such an oddity of a place. This will take forever to clear out and make friendly again. 

We've pretty much cleared the upper floor, there seems to be a captive that we've rescued and a key still to be retrieved, however according to our ghostly friend, we should be able to get into the vault. And then we can get this crown. The crown which we are going to give to our woodby murderer? I think not. I am not going to let this fly. 

We can stake claim to these ruins and use them for our own endeavors. 

Although the druid in the dome may not take lightly to this, however she may be amenable to the idea. 

I do like this feeling of progressing my skills and learning how to handle more power.  Hrmmm….after seeing Shikashi with his bird friend and his usefulness in a fight,  I need to figure that out and find a little accomplice of my own. 



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