The Path of the Player

So many doors!

We looked around the halls. We looked into doors. We looked into rooms. Lots of dust. Lots of empty stuff. Found 1 room with spiders. They killed mean puppy. I am sad for mean puppys owner.

Everyone talks about a big thing. I didn't see it and no one asked for me to hit it, so it must not be important. I'm going to open another door. by by jornal.

Game Session #2, GM log.
So many doors!!!

The party continued into Tessamere.

Unfortunately encountering mainly empty rooms in this section of the ruin. Finding a pile of broken wood in one area. Skye kept a piece.

They also encountered one room with a chest of women's clothing. Skye kept a piece.

They broke through a secret door and found a room with two giant spiders in it. One attacked Gurley as they checked out a door. Gurley then tumbled across the room into the waiting jaws of a second spider hiding under a table. Quite the battle ensued with Febble standing idly by because the GM totally forgot his ass was there… 

The ranger learned their longsword was really a rapier.

One the spiders slew the Druid's baby dire badger outright with a horrible critical hit.

After killing the spiders they found the desiccated corpse of an adult male carrying a cloth satchel. The body container 10 coins of unknown variety, possibly gold, along with a dagger, axe and longsword.

Axemine took the corpse of her fallen companion with her.

The party continued on to find a set of spiral stairs and several more rooms. One with bones strewn across the floor.

Febble broke from the party and killed three skeletons in a room before the party caught up to him. The party found dried food in a crate in the same room.

Febble then entered an adjacent room and found an enormous living cube of jelly. Far larger than similar creatures previously known of. And also appearing to be quite dark in color.

Febble slammed the door and told Skye to run. Nothing further is known of Febble.

The party attempted to burn the cube with a barrel of alcohol the previously found, but this proved unsuccessful. However, Shikasi was able to hurt it in a minor way with acid. The party decided it was safer to close the door.

(The adventure adjourned for the evening. And were each awarded 1600XP for this session and the previous one.)

Feel free to comment OOC with what I missed or your opinions. (Yes, comments here count for rerolls) Thanks!

Rihteng es hard

Laki is rihteng. Shitaki is rihteng. Pretty Sky is rihteng. I shuld riht two.

I left temple to find praise for Joramy. I am in gud muuds. I shuld not be in gud muuds. Joramy is Goddess of Anger, Volcanoes, Fire and stuff. I need two be strong and feerse.

I found a note wit a perty wax seel. I opened it and notees, sees, saws lots of rihteng. It says I have gold to get, and more to earn. I think. reedin is hard.

I sat at fancy table, met many people. We all agreed to find a nude crown in tessameer, tessaract , a castle. I am exsited happy. There is a small man. Dressed pretty. His name is Girly. Hehehe, Girly. There is a small dwarf. Name of Sky. Hahahaha! A dwarf wit a name of Sky. There is a female dwarf. She has a pet. It looks mean. Her name is Ax nine. Dwarfs have strange names. Pretty man wit bird. His name is mushroom. No. Speciphic mushroom. Shitaki? Pretty people have strange and wierder names. Quiet dark man. Name of Feeble. That name does not feel like a good name. I think he got beat up a lot as a kid. He gets food tho. I like him. Last is Laki. She is pretty lady with red hair. She is very curious about everything. She makes me feel safe.

Okay. Evory one is stil rihteng. I roht as much as I culd think of. Good night journal.

Laki Feygrin
Thar be Dragons!!!!

As I finally set to the work of preparing for the sleep I've never before longed for as I do this night, my mind can't help but run  back over the week since I left my childhood home.  Initially, I was apprehensive but very very confident that this was the right path. After all, my parents only spoke of marriage with regard to my mid-age years and I've yet to reach those by FAR! Ever since they moved on, he's acted less and less like the brother I knew and loved and more and more like a tradesman with an eye to a profit. If I had not hidden away the provisions and goods I could glean from the home for this journey I know he would have denied my request of them.  Having adulthood suddenly thrust upon us has moved us apart in ways I never would have foreseen—still, I do miss my  mother and think of her often. She would have, I ken, approved of the job and path I've chosen as she was daring and had a spine of steel when required. I pray Elhonna will gift me also with double portions of these as I fear along the journey-already.   The town, which is normally not this crowded, was full of an energy I had not felt prior in my 24 years. At first, I misread it as excitement but now reflect was more of an anxious air. I remember making several miscalculations on that first day, among them-that the letter and subsequent offer of employment- were intended for me.  By some unknown measure I was weighed and judged able to attain the prize the noble, Curdale, seeks and so to solace my aching pride and a small hope of finding a people with whom to belong-I joined. I am not certain how safe it is to speak aloud of the journey, let alone what we've been sent to acquire, and can freely admit I'm nervous even to write of the details for fear the words would convict me if what we seek is rightly held by others. For now I shall hold caution on both my tongue and my quill and suffice to say that we are a band of 6 with no discernable leader who have, in the week of journeying, failed to bond in any outwardly discernable way, except perhaps Jeb-who is a huge wall of a man with much strength but no real language skills and may be slow of mind as well. Certainly, he is the most amenable to all at this point in the journey and I find myself beginning to trust him-when I venture forth to lead in the forests, I am comforted in his footstep at my side. I do hope that the item we seek does not return us empty-handed, or not at all. I must forego more writing, as I seek proof of, and perhaps contact with, the dragon that we have reason to believe is in the area. 



Entry X
The start of an unexpected adventure.

Entry X

Again I return to you Cainen’Canta within the 140th year of my birth, and I do believe your metaphoric counsel will be sought regular from here on. Several nights back, after learning of the most wonderful source of knowledge amassed by mortals in the keeping of the Greyhawk Guild of Wizardry (a place I will need to return to in time), I received a pigeon from my guild in Dyvers instructing me to travel to Manava to answer the summons from a Lord Cedric. Though reluctant to waste my time on the trifles of a human lord of Greyhawk, I set off to fulfill my obligations. After participating in what was one of the most unprofessional and ill-prepared auditions I have ever heard of, I found myself with a small gathering of ‘the chosen’ whom all seemed as puzzled as to the nature of the summons as I. When at last the Lord himself arrived, I was disappointed to find the aspirations of nobility and power are what incited such an unnecessary rigmarole. The meeting went something along the lines of “Search for the Crown of Denu in the ruins of Tessamere within the Gnarly Woods; here is a map and some gold; I am busy.” He then left in a huff, making me wonder if his desired station would be beneficial to those beneath him, but I shall complete the tasking granted to me by my guild with trust in their guidance.

Over a week of travel has passed sense then, granting me a few small events by which I have been able to get an initial evaluation of not only how our lucky group of  7 functions as a unit, but each person individually. Many secrets remain between us causing the comfort of trust is lacking, and though communication seems to be an on-going process, I feel we are prepared for the challenges we are to face in the ruins ahead. To help organize my thoughts, I shall single out each traveling companion, and describe them for later review:

  • Febble is a capable middle-aged male of questionable linage. Clad in darkened garbs and hidden behind an undignified cloth mask, he is standoffish, reserved, and judgmental in a passively aggressive way. On our travels he has proven skilled at hunting by providing deer for us to share, and clear-headed in combat when we found ourselves troubled by an odd carapace critter swarm that had burrowed beneath our camp. He also seems well equipped, having quite a bit of gear to utilize. He does not like to speak much which has caused some concern, but I feel he can be trusted. In passing I witnessed his mask slip to expose a terrible scar that exposes much of his teeth, but seeing his quickness to return the garb to its rightful place caused me to not inquire further. I conclude his lack of interest in eating with the rest of the group, seeming disinterest in the others’ desires, and guarded nature is related to that injury. I shall not push further with questions at this point with him… though I do find it odd that the bounty he brought for us to share shown no sign of ranged or melee damage… will need further examples of combat…
  • Laki is a novice scout seemingly eager to adventure, but reserved enough to openly question any situation with an irreverent flare. The mixed elf woman displayed this nature on several occasions (while questioning the Lord about the quest, in asking Febble about his mask, and when a group of adventurers passed by after having allegedly devastated a large gathering of undead) making her seem juvenile, though I see her as honest and proactive in avoiding death (which I will prematurely assume to be a fear for now). I will need to spend more time to get to know her, as I feel much of her spontaneity to be due to unease than distrust.
  • Axmine is a peculiar dwarf and obvious priestess of nature. The druid is clad in stone armor, and accompanied by a badger of all things! Very little have we interacted, but during a scuffle in the night she was quick-witted to toss a rope to our cleric when the ground opened up to swallow him in a hoard of carious critters. To what extent her power reaches I know not… More information is needed to understand her, but I have no reason not to forward the same respect and expectations of her as I have druids of my own blood… though she is quite an odd dwarf… a bit touched in the mind, perhaps? Dwarves always seem off to me… Drunk perhaps?
  • Skye is a free-spirited gnome with an arcane knack. Though flippant to a near fault and obviously keen on self-preservation above heroics, he is useful in a pinch (which was displayed one night when a group of goblins attacked our camp, when he illuminated their area by way of elementary arcana). Of the gnomes I have met, few embodied as much of the fey spirit as Skye. Though his true goals and intentions will remain hidden until a time he deems right, I feel at ease when he is on watch. Perhaps sharing with him my selection of spells would spark a bond? Is he even a wizard or am I being too presumptuous? Perhaps he is one of those roguish types like those from Dyvers?
  • Jeb, the devout of Joramy the Raging Volcano, is a simple yet undoubtedly good soul. I shall say now, if his lack of understanding is a ruse, I am none the wiser! With genuine trust and honor he faces uncertainty with the resolve of the mightiest of fabled paladins. When unknown danger snuck into our camp in the dead of night, it was he that left the safety of our fortifications to answer the call to arms; though he did ended up trapped to the waste in a critter den. He is a strong and well-armored giant of a human, and between Axmine and him I know not who the mightier. Of our crew, I am most fond of him, though his aptitude for elevated thought may be a bit lacking. I feel with the right supervision, he will be an irreplaceable asset. I do wonder what I might learn from one as detached from reality as him…
  • Gurley Hobniz is one of the most sociable wee-folk I have ever encountered! Truly gifted with a silver tongue, what he lacks physically was made up for with his diverse skillset! Taylor, Locksmith, and scout, his skills abound and have yet to be found as useless. A Smith true and true, in so many ways like Papa was. Though I have yet to see his combat prowess, I doubt I shall be disappointed.  When situations rise, his ideas are unique and helpful, but I do not see him leading our merry band by way of motivational or executive speech. Might his gift for gab not work on the masses? Might he simply not think himself capable of representing us due to his stature? It may be he sees our union as too short, and wishes not to trouble himself with such concerns… but it could equally be due to a lack of initiative as well.
  • Our motley crew seems capable of achieving our goal of retrieving the crown, and possibly even delivering it to our employer. We are obviously lacking in leadership, communication, and transparency, but I do not see that as the fault of any one person. I am as guilty as the rest at being reserved with my past and the goals it has bestowed, but perhaps it is this self-awareness that grants me the tools needed to fix this error… that is if it is truly in need of fixing. Is it best we remain disjointed so to ensure simplicity and survivability of the self at the detriment of the growth of the group? It is hard to say, though why worry so much about a situation that may be over well before the first fall of snow?

It is only now as I replenish my ink well that I notice how much I have scribbled and how little I have said. I would say my ranting is in response to my own lack of understanding of this situation I am in. Though I was born in the Gnarly I have found no use for the knowledge I have gained from beyond its wooded boundaries. Is it due to insecurity in my studies that drives me to seek your council Cainen’Canta, or perhaps something a bit less vein? With how old this forest is, I should not be surprised as to my ignorance to it. Speaking of the forest… I have returned, however the terrors of the night have yet to become noticed by my group. Granted, I have not found myself confronted by that object of terror in my dreams, but it makes me wonder how long it will be before I can no longer be trusted to sleep in silence…  I think it best I keep the mask my secret a bit longer… as I know not what tree may cause it to stir once more. Maybe it will be a full fortnight before my next episode? Would be a first… On the morrow we will be arriving at the ruins which our crown is fabled to rest. When time permits I shall review our conversation in hopes of some sort of epiphany.

Skye's Notes on the first few days of this Grand Adventure!
Or ... Silly beings, always chasing toys!

Waterday the 12th of Patchwall
Well I knew this journey would be entertaining soon as I got the Letter from this Cedric fellow. I find it odd this humans always thing that some random item from the olden times will get people to respect them more? Shouldn't it be based up his actions to earn his respect. Although the old human bartender did say he meant well. O well silly humans. It pays well, 5 gold just to listen and 100 more to start out. That's more money than I've had for quite some time.

This party is rather interesting at this point. A interest halfling tailor, Gurley, seems to be a friendly sort, I'm sure he means well. Although I believe he might be underestimating me and some of my abilities, I mean my dancing lights definitely thwarted that goblin attack. The Axmin dwarf is nice enough for being a dwarf, not rowdy and trying to cause too much a ruckus, that's also good sign, maybe some smarts in that stone grinder… The bulky human, this cleric named Jeb, seems like a simple minded individual, I'll make sure to be a little cozy and nice up to him, don't want anyone taking advantage of him. The Ranger Laki is definitely acting the ranger role, making sure to try to appear to know what they're doing. Febble, what is he? Some sort of thiefly type? A quiet sort, but I think he is warming up to me, he seems like an effective killer, no qualms about it, I imagine he get's right to the point. And that bookly elf wizard…what's his name Shiitake? Shiscani? Shitzuki? Shacazula? I don't know…typical elven wizard, figures unless you've spent time with your nose buried into some book learning the in and outs of magic then you don't much know what your talking about. I notice these times that he just overlooks what I can possible do, He was afraid to go into the forest??!?! What type of elf is that? Pssshhh, he'll be a fun one to toy with.

Along we traipsed for quite a while, glad they didn't mind my walking, I didn't want to subjagate some random beast to just make myself more comfortable. Those had to be some of the most bored horses to have along with us while we were bebopping along at short leg pace.  Definitely appreciate this Febble character doing some hunting, made the prepurchased food last a wee bit longer. 

The map we were given was clear enough, seems easy enough to follow and finding those two great trees and climbing to the top was a hilight of the day for sure. The view from up there over this forest was quite breathtaking, almost as good as the view from the Great Fur in the Hornwood, ahh home. Maybe one day….ahhh I digress

Crossing the river and further down to find the ancient oak tree, nothing too spectacular happened along here, some other random adventurers that just couldn't slow down or be bothered came across our path, and I couldn't believe the ranger attempted to stop them, ballllsy! Have to watch out for that one, glad that didn't start something. I could have had to finish this journey on my own. Or at least, one less ranger. Shortly after that we found a pile of rotting corpses, apparently hacked to wee little pieces by the previous group. Glad they cleaned up that messed, undead are not something to triffle with! There was a momentary survivor it appears, but nature won again, snatched that humanoid right off the ground and left me his walking stick. Nothing nifty, not even balanced well.

Last night was definitely a rude awakening to some burrowing little critters. I couldn't believe Febble there melted them all with a pot of shit, I mean that stuff was vile, he must have some alchemical skills, or just came a little more prepared. After that it was time to move away from that stench, so finally a little extra movement and a long day to get us further down. I know my legs are short, however at least I don't feel like I'm slowing the party down. 

We found the oak tree! Pretty easy to do, and then Gurley just had to bring that pony! Poor pony, looks like it was just struggling and suffering! Wish he would have just sent it back like Febble and Laki did. And all the extra damage to the forest, well if someone was trying to follow us they definitely won't have any issues finding out path. I Tried to tell them I could carry extra items with me and we didn't need to pony. Alas, seems my words fall on deaf ears at times. 

Found the ruins, I knew the little woodland creatures would be the best to chat with in these times. Always know were the entrances are, I love my fellow forest creatures, such beautiful souls. These adventurers sure do go about making a rather loud ruckus when moving through ruins, not much respect for some of the possible inhabitants. Bashing down doors, trashing whatever they get their hands on…fortunately I managed to save one of the crystal jars, not the finest but definitely a relic of a by-gone era. 


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