The Path of the Player

Game Session #4, GM log
The trouble with traps and Kobolds.

The party noticed that their friend Gurley suddenly vanished. Perhaps hiding in shadows and going their own way.

The remaining characters decided to see if they could harvest any parts from the Carrion Crawler they killed. Axemine managed to cut off a tentacle and preserve it. She intends to use it as a weapon.

While deciding what to do next the party came under attack from two fronts by a group of Kobolds that shot them with crossbow bolts from behind two improvised barriers. Hitting Jeb and Laki.

Axemine was not hit but slipped and fell next to the carrion crawler.

Shikashi tried to speak to the enemies and did not find a common language. He then cast Sleep and put one of the creatures to sleep.

Skye cast Dancing Lights on the far side of the first barrier to try and see WTF was going on. Then hid behind Laki.

Jeb rushed and lept over the barrier nearest to him. He charged the prone sleeping Kobold with a crushing blow from his hammer. While yelling "JEB HIT YOU BACK!". He squashed the poor creature to mush with his Earthshaker (Making a mess in the hallway) Another Kobold tried to attack Jeb from a side door as he rushed past but missed.

Laki attempted to drop her torch and rapier and take a shot over the second barrier with her bow. But unfortunately she stepped on the torch she had just dropped while trying to aim and her shot went wild.

The Kobolds nearest Laki fired at her again and all three shots missed.

The remaining two Kobolds near Jeb find themselves cornered. They drop their crossbows, draw knives and attack him. One hits him, the other slips in the gore on the floor and lands flat on his face.

Axemine got back up and moved to assist Jeb

Shikasi created an illusion of Axemine to assist.

Skye threw a vial of alchemical fire towards the barrier nearest them. But it did not make it over, impacting on top of the barrier.

Jeb smashed the second prone Kobold with his Earthshaker, killing it. (And adding to the mess in the hallway.)

Laki was hit by one of three bolts that were shot over the barrier by the kobolds.

The Kobold attacking Jeb continued his assault and hit him again.

Axemine "Ran up and hit shit" in the area near Jeb. She tried to grab the Kobold attacking Jeb but could not get a grip on him.

Laki too a shot over the burning barrier and scored a lucky hit on one the  Kobolds there hurting it badly.

Shikasi went prone in an attempt to use the Kobold’s barrier as cover to not get hurt in the ongoing violence.

Skye threw a vial of acid over the stairs which seemed to have done in two more of the baddies.

Jeb turned and obliterated the Kobold attacking him from through the side door with a critical hit.

Laki attempted to see if anyone was alive beyond the burning barrier.

The desperate Kobold attacking Jeb managed to get a hit on him.

Axemine managed to get a hit on the Kobold attacking Jeb and killed it without hitting Jeb.

Jeb notices other Kobolds in the room he was attacked from.

Skye started to put out the fire on the burning barrier.

Jeb closed the door on the other Kobolds into the side room and moved a large rock in front of the doors.

The three bodies beyond the first barrier had 60 silver and a few pretty rocks on them.

The three Kobolds past the second (burning) barrier were all found to be dead. While attempting to loot the bodies Skye was hurt tripping a trap which collapsed the stairs while trying to loot the bodies.

Eventually Skye found 11 sp on each of the bodies. A rock and some form of Canine tooth where found on the first body. Another pretty blue rock was found on the second body, along with what looked like a mummified finger. The third one was carrying nothing special.

Laki rendered basic first aid to Skye in an attempt to keep them alive if they did something else silly.

While the party healed the Kobolds in the room and three others made a mad dash for freedom through a hidden door to the outside. Shikasi allowed them to escape without engaging.

Shikasi offered to transport Skye around on his floating disc to give him additional height.

They investigated the room the smaller Kobolds escaped from and found a gross nest. Shikasi took one of the antelope horns they found there.

The group attempted to decide on a leadership method while Laki attempted to clean up the disgusting hallway, calling it a risk to their retreat.

They investigated another room nearby where the kobolds seem to have been destroying furniture to make their weapons. Skye found another small dirty rock that seemed to have been accidentally dropped.

Jeb opened another room and tripped a trap caving in the ceiling. He took minor damage from falling debris. The room proved impossible to enter after that.

Jeb refused to open the next door, but Skye convinced Jeb to stand in front of the next door while Skye opened it. (Natural 20 on Persuasion check by Skye)

Shikasi (loudly) announced that he had an idea and proceeded to open the door at a distance with a Mage Hand spell. The door was trapped, but the trap failed to work correctly. They investigated the room and found that two columns supported a very weakened ceiling. They found nothing else of interest in the room. Skye closed the door and marked it with a simple warning.

The party moved on and found another locked door. Behind it they heard scraping and clattering noises. Attempts to communicate through the door failed.

They left that door alone and Shikashi attempted to open the door across the hall. Half the door fell from it’s hinges to the floor. 

Inside they found a Kobold that had been crushed by a large stone. Axemine moved the stone and found a magical knife and a bag of coins on the body.

Shikasi tested the knife on the bodies of some dead Kobolds from the previous fight and found that it effortlessly carved them with amazing effectiveness.

The party continued on past the crumbled stairs coming upon several doors that do not seem to have been opened in a very long time.

Axemine attempted to bash open the first one they found with her hammer. But nearly broke the weapon against the door. Shikasi investigated the same door and managed to unlock the magical lock.

Inside they found an ornate desk and chair. There was also a box and book on the desk, plus a sealed letter.

(The adventure concluded for the evening at this point)

The paths we choose
or ... Chasing the crown down and down

I feel as though I just snapped out of a daze and almost dream like a hallucination, filled with burning effigies, bright lights, music and shenanigans! Fortunately I snapped out of it just as the little lizardy kobold's started their attack. Seemed we were being flanked from 2 sides and they seem to have a small tactical advantage. So what's the best thing in a moment like this; CHAOS!!!! I chose my actions carefully and to ensure a chaotic moment for our enemies. Some dancing lights, a quick duck for cover behind my taller cohort. Alas I noticed her take a bolt to the shoulder, it's apparent I needed to get closer. Running as far as I could and tossing my last flast of alchemists fire towards them I got it close and it is working to help with cover. Alas they managed to get a shot into me before I could get substantial cover again. I approached the barrier and lobbed over some acid. Things seem to have gotten a little quieter from both ends. 

Tried to extinguished the fire with some dirt and appears the wee little bastards are dead. They are sneaky as they set a trip wire to collapse the staircase, that was a close call as the collapse slammed me against the wall. Checked the area carefully and search these denizens. Some meager finders a tooth, a mummified finger, some silver and some stones. Perhaps these will work for some sort of strange component for some potion, only one way to find out. Pushing onwards we discovered a little nest and some other very scared kobolds that made a run for it, good deal less to deal with. 

More traps and more hallways. Alas my friend Jeb took a bad smack from one of the trapped doors. We shall have teamwork for the next door. Fortunately Shikaashi offered his spell of mage hand to open the doors, these seems way safer. We found a room with some sort of ferocious sounding critter. Safely locked away. I think it may be best to leave it locked away. 

Digging around some more our group found a magical knife on a corpse and it seems to cut some nice meat. Some like a good carving knife for whoever does the most amount of cooking. We thought about going to take a rest in the wizards chamber, but alas it seems to have been locked. I didn't feel safe enough for us to leave so much unexplored down the way past the kobolds as there might be more danger, we pressed on a found some locked doors, however Shikashi seems to be quite astute and found a something magical holding one of the doors closed and was able to futz with it some to open it. It seems he found a key that keeps doors locked. I am curious if it also opens locked doors? 

There seems to be quite a bit of magic in here, something about the chest, the seal on a letter and a book. This could all be a trap.  


More Lookings

We looked for more doors. Found one with magic on it. There was a room for cooking too. Some one lived here, but did not want to talk. He locked himself in another room. Statue come to life, ugly. I stepped out and hit it. It did not get hurt. I went back inside the room and closed the door. Ugly statue was not able to get inside.

Ugly statue get bored, leaves us. We look at other doors. Find room with food. Room was cold. We looked at other rooms. We found a very large bug. We smashed it. 


I must remember to build a castle with less doors.

Game Session #3, GM log
Uninvited guests

The party continued to delve into Tessamere.

A side room was discovered that seemed to be lived in.

The party poked and prodded around the first room trying to see what they could find or take. They found two boxes that were VERY well locked and immovable. And an altar with a glowing stone on it. Skikashi noticed a Protection from Evil glyph carved into the back of the door. After this they decided it was not a location they should loot.

They suddenly realized they were likely not alone and someone was scrying on them. They found a secret door and attempted to find a method of communication that the one scrying on them might not understand. As well as obscuring fog to cancel the scrying.

Shikasi (finally) tried knocking on the secret door. The door was very well locked, and the person behind it indicated he wanted very much to be left alone.

After much searching they deduced that the occupant was likely a high level non-evil wizard, and that leaving them alone was a good idea.

A stone breast with wings was noticed coming down the hallway. It noticed the party and began trying to open the warded door.

Jeb attempted to hit it with his hammer, which proved ineffective. He was going to make his weapon magical and try again, but the party decided to leave it alone. The enchanted door to the wizards living area held it at bay, and it failed to break through the wall. It eventually moved off to parts unknown.

The party tentatively left the relatively safety of the "Wizard's Apartment" and continued down the hallway. A "cold" room was found with misc foodstuffs and another Protection from Evil glyph on the back of the door. They presumed it to be the "Wizard's Fridge".

The party heard a loud crashing sound from somewhere, but where unable to pinpoint it's source.

More rooms were searched. In one they found the bodies of several naked dead Kobolds and nothing else. Several piles of rubble were found in the hallways. They were roughly 4' high and seemed to be deliberately placed there.

In another room they found a large green tentacled creature and killed it. (It seemed to be very interested in the dead badger Axmine was carrying.)

(At this point we ended the evening)

Chaos Reigns
Or every which way but live?

Well only a few moments to write, oi vey this party is so scattered, we are all over the place in regards to what to do, and in doing so we may have uncovered a freaking huge gooey goo that is immune to fire, but perhaps not acid! I think it may have killed feeble. Only time will tell

seems like just mere minutes since I last wrote in here…time seems weird in these ruins

Entry XI
A rushed entry

Entry XI

With haste, I scribe upon your leaves in hopes the events of the past few hours will loosen its traumatizing grasp. From the woods where last I wrote we ventured not but a half day through dense foliage to our destination. The ruins of Tessamere seemed impenetrable, but with Skye’s affinity to the forest creatures an entry was found. Seeming long abandoned, we traversed the dusty rooms of the dilapidated domain, finding little of value or interest. With the strength of Jeb and Axmine we were able to dive deeper into the ruins, but it was not until a secret door was found that our luck for the uneventful ran out.

We forced our way past a hidden door obviously designed to open one way, into a short hall with yet another one way door. How this hall was to be accessed I have yet to investigate further. With Jeb taking the lead, Gurley and I entered the unknown room to be greeted by the fangs of a giant spider! As the situation quickly devolved into chaos a second spider manifested, and the rest of the party joined the fray. When all was settled, Muffy, Axmine’s badger companion no longer drew breath. She hasn’t spoken much sense she picked up her companion’s corpse… I… I hope she is well… I will be sure to speak with her when next we rest. We looted from the remains of a long fallen poet, and bottled a few vials of poison before reluctantly pressing on.

The halls twisted and turned with doors leading to long lost alcoves containing fragments of a lost age. We encountered a door leading back the way we came, but it was heavily enchanted to remain shut… I questioned then why… I also failed to take heed of the floors being cleaner… Mistakes I hope to learn from… The party continued to explore in a helter-skelter fashion until we discovered Febble had abandoned our gaggle. We discovered him beyond one of the doors I had presumed locked with the remains of animated undead at his feet. Beyond a small crate of preserved food, there seemed to be nothing of value. We pilfered what we could from the crate, and we paused to discuss our next course of action. With haste, Skye manifested from around the corner to alert us of trouble, but by the time we returned to the room… Febble was no longer to be found. Beyond the door he had ventured beyond alone was a monstrous ooze, larger than ever I have read about! Had I been able to see it in more ideal circumstances, I would have enjoyed documenting it properly… For now I shall describe it as translucent, with a uniquely smoky grey haze, and an unknown size. The cube showed remarkable strength and determination by slamming into the doors barring it from us, until the very frame splintered and gave way. Hoping to fell the beast and free our lost companion (whom we have not seen or heard from sense) the group exposed the ooze (and a great deal of the room that formerly housed the skeletons), to a copious amount of some alcoholic drink long lost within the halls, and with a quick light, the room erupted into flames. To our dismay, the ooze showed no sign of injury from where it touched the scorching flames, and so we were forced to retreat. In a final effort to better understand our frenzied foe I cast a basic acid spell upon it, to see if it reacted to acid. The ooze seemed to melt away where the acid made contact, like I would expect human flesh to. More time and contemplation is needed to understand this creature better, and for now we have placed several large rocks in front of the door separating it from the rest of the dungeon… I am in shock from our consecutive losses this day, but it is not yet time to rest. Febble may very well be alive still, and the evening has yet to prompt our rest. I shall write again soon… hopefully with better news…

So many doors!

We looked around the halls. We looked into doors. We looked into rooms. Lots of dust. Lots of empty stuff. Found 1 room with spiders. They killed mean puppy. I am sad for mean puppys owner.

Everyone talks about a big thing. I didn't see it and no one asked for me to hit it, so it must not be important. I'm going to open another door. by by jornal.

Game Session #2, GM log.
So many doors!!!

The party continued into Tessamere.

Unfortunately encountering mainly empty rooms in this section of the ruin. Finding a pile of broken wood in one area. Skye kept a piece.

They also encountered one room with a chest of women's clothing. Skye kept a piece.

They broke through a secret door and found a room with two giant spiders in it. One attacked Gurley as they checked out a door. Gurley then tumbled across the room into the waiting jaws of a second spider hiding under a table. Quite the battle ensued with Febble standing idly by because the GM totally forgot his ass was there… 

The ranger learned their longsword was really a rapier.

One the spiders slew the Druid's baby dire badger outright with a horrible critical hit.

After killing the spiders they found the desiccated corpse of an adult male carrying a cloth satchel. The body container 10 coins of unknown variety, possibly gold, along with a dagger, axe and longsword.

Axemine took the corpse of her fallen companion with her.

The party continued on to find a set of spiral stairs and several more rooms. One with bones strewn across the floor.

Febble broke from the party and killed three skeletons in a room before the party caught up to him. The party found dried food in a crate in the same room.

Febble then entered an adjacent room and found an enormous living cube of jelly. Far larger than similar creatures previously known of. And also appearing to be quite dark in color.

Febble slammed the door and told Skye to run. Nothing further is known of Febble.

The party attempted to burn the cube with a barrel of alcohol the previously found, but this proved unsuccessful. However, Shikasi was able to hurt it in a minor way with acid. The party decided it was safer to close the door.

(The adventure adjourned for the evening. And were each awarded 1600XP for this session and the previous one.)

Feel free to comment OOC with what I missed or your opinions. (Yes, comments here count for rerolls) Thanks!

Rihteng es hard

Laki is rihteng. Shitaki is rihteng. Pretty Sky is rihteng. I shuld riht two.

I left temple to find praise for Joramy. I am in gud muuds. I shuld not be in gud muuds. Joramy is Goddess of Anger, Volcanoes, Fire and stuff. I need two be strong and feerse.

I found a note wit a perty wax seel. I opened it and notees, sees, saws lots of rihteng. It says I have gold to get, and more to earn. I think. reedin is hard.

I sat at fancy table, met many people. We all agreed to find a nude crown in tessameer, tessaract , a castle. I am exsited happy. There is a small man. Dressed pretty. His name is Girly. Hehehe, Girly. There is a small dwarf. Name of Sky. Hahahaha! A dwarf wit a name of Sky. There is a female dwarf. She has a pet. It looks mean. Her name is Ax nine. Dwarfs have strange names. Pretty man wit bird. His name is mushroom. No. Speciphic mushroom. Shitaki? Pretty people have strange and wierder names. Quiet dark man. Name of Feeble. That name does not feel like a good name. I think he got beat up a lot as a kid. He gets food tho. I like him. Last is Laki. She is pretty lady with red hair. She is very curious about everything. She makes me feel safe.

Okay. Evory one is stil rihteng. I roht as much as I culd think of. Good night journal.

Laki Feygrin
Thar be Dragons!!!!

As I finally set to the work of preparing for the sleep I've never before longed for as I do this night, my mind can't help but run  back over the week since I left my childhood home.  Initially, I was apprehensive but very very confident that this was the right path. After all, my parents only spoke of marriage with regard to my mid-age years and I've yet to reach those by FAR! Ever since they moved on, he's acted less and less like the brother I knew and loved and more and more like a tradesman with an eye to a profit. If I had not hidden away the provisions and goods I could glean from the home for this journey I know he would have denied my request of them.  Having adulthood suddenly thrust upon us has moved us apart in ways I never would have foreseen—still, I do miss my  mother and think of her often. She would have, I ken, approved of the job and path I've chosen as she was daring and had a spine of steel when required. I pray Elhonna will gift me also with double portions of these as I fear along the journey-already.   The town, which is normally not this crowded, was full of an energy I had not felt prior in my 24 years. At first, I misread it as excitement but now reflect was more of an anxious air. I remember making several miscalculations on that first day, among them-that the letter and subsequent offer of employment- were intended for me.  By some unknown measure I was weighed and judged able to attain the prize the noble, Curdale, seeks and so to solace my aching pride and a small hope of finding a people with whom to belong-I joined. I am not certain how safe it is to speak aloud of the journey, let alone what we've been sent to acquire, and can freely admit I'm nervous even to write of the details for fear the words would convict me if what we seek is rightly held by others. For now I shall hold caution on both my tongue and my quill and suffice to say that we are a band of 6 with no discernable leader who have, in the week of journeying, failed to bond in any outwardly discernable way, except perhaps Jeb-who is a huge wall of a man with much strength but no real language skills and may be slow of mind as well. Certainly, he is the most amenable to all at this point in the journey and I find myself beginning to trust him-when I venture forth to lead in the forests, I am comforted in his footstep at my side. I do hope that the item we seek does not return us empty-handed, or not at all. I must forego more writing, as I seek proof of, and perhaps contact with, the dragon that we have reason to believe is in the area. 




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