The Path of the Player

Tjordiir's Journal, Castle Entry

-Inside the castle, didn't take long to find sumthin. Found a stone circle with a big ol' egg inside and some gems inlaid. Apparently, enterin' these chambers must've alterted some 'ventures outside. I know one's called Jeb and I've yet to meet them.

-Friendly enough folk. Travelin with 'nother dwarf, so they got that goin for em. Welcomed me with a quick embrace as we investigated the room. A lady point-ear came out, she said she was a demon that lost a bet, seems likely, I would never loose a bet to a dandelion-eater! She rambled on about some shite from eons before, alls I heard is she wouldn't mind being free. These 'ventures seemed to be on the to and fro on this, I'm just here for battle, glory, and the glorious sound of coin in my pouch. Smashed a gem in the circle, letting her out. Worked out all right, she took off after a few more babbles, left us with a rock to call upon her if we need another history lesson. I'll pass.

-Narrowly avoided death from a REAL demon. The stuntie among my new friends has got some balls on him. Threated the demon with with life, demon took off, apparently fearing the little guy. Stuntie, he may be, but he got my respect. Shortly after, took down a spider near my size, couple blows from the hammer took him down quick. The big guy took down a construct of stone. Better him then me near an enemy of that size. Found a few ghosts, others managed to touch one, apparently startling them into this century. "He" seems to be a real piece of shite, whoever he is.

Doors, stone monsters and Ghosts!

We continued to move along. Looking for a nude crown. We find another dwarf. He wields a hammer. Smaller hammer than the one Joramy uses, but still a good hammer. This dwarf likes doors. Jeb doesn't. We open more doors, find many ghosts. We leave the ghosts alone. We find a stone monster. I hit it. Joramy blessed it. It died. Ghosts touched us. They gave us some information, I think. I could not hear them so well, since I was humming a death hymnal of Joramys. I did not have fire, or proper fighting gear to properly show respect. I do not know if they follow Joramy. They should. Joramy is a good god.

Dwarves, Demons and Ghosts...Oh my...
or...a cursed time!

It wasn't long after my last entry I heard an opening and closing of a door behind us, as we went to investigate we found a room with a strange pulsating crystal inside of 4 other gems. There was another dwarf that was welcomed easily enough, more adventurers, and he seems to be a front liner. That's good. And with enough of our screwing around and the crystal in the center disappeared and a Elf of some sort of demonic persuasion appeared to be trapped in some sort of prison. They were friendly enough, but perhaps not the smartest as apparently this is a Demon that lost a bet to a Demi-God and now has a conscious. They seemed to have been trapped here for over 6 centuries. They were brought here and trapped by some wizards to figure out what has cursed this castle and why all of it inhabitants were dying. During the conversation Tjordiir thought it wise to let them out of their prison. I felt it was inevitable, was hoping to find a little more information before hand, but alas they seemed to have been scarred away by something. They gave me a gem for summoning them in the future, I'll make sure to lock that away. 

Across the hall from Belora was another door that they had advised us of great evil and that we should leave well enough alone. I'm not a fan of that idea, and fortunately neither was this Tjordiir fellow, opening up this door we found a very upset demonish thing. It began attacking us and we ended up with a divided party, I tried to urge Jeb to get out while he could and I would have followed, but alas that didn't happen, it was coming for the 3 of us. While the remainder of the party shut the door to keep us in here. 

During the those first few seconds while I thought about what to do, the dwarf came running in an attempt to help and we seem to be killing its tentacles, I took it upon myself to attempt to scare it away, yelling in one of my more aggressive voices "You don't want to die here!" It took a momentary pause and then disappeared in a blinding flash! Ha! I knew having these skills would be better than big clunky weapons and armor! 

We continued through on the adventure, coming upon a stone creature that attacked us and with Jebs amazing strength and my weakening it with the acid we disposed of that creature rather quickly. Even if someone was trying to attack it with a ladder in the midst of the mist that Shikashi had conjured. We also dispatched of a small spider and I found another shiny made from a shell.

The remainder of the day we found a craft room with a couple of ghosts that didn't notice us at all, I feel sorry for these trapped creatures. 

We rested in the sage's room and those that needed to regain spells did, we moved on through and found a ball room with more ghosts dancing, during our transition through the room, Khaarn and Jeb bumped into them and they became congnizant of our presence. They were shocked to learn they were dead but did remember that the castle was cursed, it seemed to have impacted their memories. They left us with more questions…"It was him, he cursed us"

Who is he?!?!?!

Cask's getting low

-It's been nearly a full moon cycle, maybe two sense I left the last town. Cask's getting low, gonna need to find another source soon. Been a slow adventure for the past month, not much else then creatures to hunt. My luck may have changed, I've seen signs of an adventuring party, possibly containing one of my kin. Think I'll follow to see where they lead.


-I've followed the trail for a few days now, nothing of note along the way. Wild's plentiful, keepin' my belly full at the least.


-Downed a bear today, the most thrillin' excitement to grace me in near a month. Almost lost the trail, fairly sure I'm still following it though.


-This MUST be where they headed. I've come across a castle that seems to have not seen civilization for quite awhile. It looks abandoned, my kinda place. The ought be treasure and adventure in these halls. Fairly sure these tracks outside are the same I've been followin'


-An explosion echoed through the halls shortly after I entered, think I'll investigate, could well be the ones I seek.

What day is it?

Well, isn't that an interesting turn of circumstances. It seems I've now been given the responsibilities to put to rest the remains of Lady Tigersoul. Such an interesting turn of events. What reading one little letter can do, There was also a spell book as well as this nice little chest both bound to the same key. Such an interesting group of items. 

An unexpected visitor seems to have wanted to join us, and orcish/elfish person of what appears the be of thiefly persuasion seems to have meandered into the room, apparently trying to stay away from a oozy thing. He is a great reminder not to stand in the way of Jeb's hammer. 

After discovering the Lady Tigersoul's body, I wanted to make sure to give it some last words. I didn't know the lady, however she must have been quite important. I wonder what else may come of this letter. 

Adventuring on, we stumbled upon Cedron, he apparently has been here for some time, in fact I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know how long he has been here. Seems a little lost in his thoughts and books that he continues to burn. 

More exploring and more of what Cedron referred to as Sweepers, the oozy things, just clean the hallways. They are simple minded creatures, and apparently explode from frost. Collapsing tunnels and such. Fortunately we have our other way back in, when Shikashi said secure another exit, I didn't think he was going to mean close it off. 

Some more interesting rooms to be found, some seem to have more structural something or other jargon that Shikashi passed on, the amount of knowledge in that elfs head has to to stupifying at some point I would think…we shall see. 

O and apparently, now the druid has gone and gotten a bore…what an interesting creature this dwarf is…

I wonder what will lies beyond ….



Jelly goes boom!

Axmine go to bury rotting pet. We lookd for more things to open. We discovered a skolar, a person that likes to reed. I lik to reed, but words are hard. We leave skolar.

Oh yeah! Before skolar, but after Axmine we were in a room. Hiding from jelly cubes. We opened door and in charged a orc man. I hit him. I think it hurt him. After he explained himself, I healed him. As Joramy would want it. So yeah, sorry for menion not saying that before jurnal.

Where was i. Oh yes, we left the skolar. As we looked around, the skolar left. He was carrying a wierd looking shield and weapon. Then Chikashi wanted to follow to exit. Exit was a climb, easy too. There a jelly cube comes to us. Chikashi wants to kill it. He does. only it exploded. Closed our way. So we went to Kobold entrance.

Game Session #5, GM log

Axmine parted with the group temporarily to bury her dead animal compaion and procure another one.

The group found a will and Skye opened it. 

Skye became the heir to Lady Quilynn Tigersoul's property, and the party gained access to the chest and book in the room.

They attempted to go through the second door when a half-orc ran into the room, apparently being chased by a gelatinous cube.

Jeb scored a harsh hit on the orc, taking him to the ground. They then began to interrogate him.

They opened the second room and discovered A body they believed to be that of Lady Tigersoul. They left the room and continued onward.

The party investigated a room full of old weapons and found a magical crossbow bolt that was larger than Jeb's light crossbow.

The party slipped into a side room quickly and found a (rather boring) man named Sedron that talked to them for a bit. 

Sedron told them that Tessamere has somehow managed to remain unknown, and he has found it a comfortable place to study and read.

They exited the room and ran into Axmine and her new Boar companion.

The party continued onward, looking to secure another exit for safety.

Sedron passed the party and left the dungeon carrying an interesting green weapon and green shield.

The party found a silenced room, likely for music dedicated to the goddess Olidammara.

Shikasi blew up an abnormal gelatinous cube with a ray of frost.

The party found a reinforced section of the dungeon with misc crafting supplies and several long-dead bodies.

Game Session #4, GM log
The trouble with traps and Kobolds.

The party noticed that their friend Gurley suddenly vanished. Perhaps hiding in shadows and going their own way.

The remaining characters decided to see if they could harvest any parts from the Carrion Crawler they killed. Axemine managed to cut off a tentacle and preserve it. She intends to use it as a weapon.

While deciding what to do next the party came under attack from two fronts by a group of Kobolds that shot them with crossbow bolts from behind two improvised barriers. Hitting Jeb and Laki.

Axemine was not hit but slipped and fell next to the carrion crawler.

Shikashi tried to speak to the enemies and did not find a common language. He then cast Sleep and put one of the creatures to sleep.

Skye cast Dancing Lights on the far side of the first barrier to try and see WTF was going on. Then hid behind Laki.

Jeb rushed and lept over the barrier nearest to him. He charged the prone sleeping Kobold with a crushing blow from his hammer. While yelling "JEB HIT YOU BACK!". He squashed the poor creature to mush with his Earthshaker (Making a mess in the hallway) Another Kobold tried to attack Jeb from a side door as he rushed past but missed.

Laki attempted to drop her torch and rapier and take a shot over the second barrier with her bow. But unfortunately she stepped on the torch she had just dropped while trying to aim and her shot went wild.

The Kobolds nearest Laki fired at her again and all three shots missed.

The remaining two Kobolds near Jeb find themselves cornered. They drop their crossbows, draw knives and attack him. One hits him, the other slips in the gore on the floor and lands flat on his face.

Axemine got back up and moved to assist Jeb

Shikasi created an illusion of Axemine to assist.

Skye threw a vial of alchemical fire towards the barrier nearest them. But it did not make it over, impacting on top of the barrier.

Jeb smashed the second prone Kobold with his Earthshaker, killing it. (And adding to the mess in the hallway.)

Laki was hit by one of three bolts that were shot over the barrier by the kobolds.

The Kobold attacking Jeb continued his assault and hit him again.

Axemine "Ran up and hit shit" in the area near Jeb. She tried to grab the Kobold attacking Jeb but could not get a grip on him.

Laki too a shot over the burning barrier and scored a lucky hit on one the  Kobolds there hurting it badly.

Shikasi went prone in an attempt to use the Kobold’s barrier as cover to not get hurt in the ongoing violence.

Skye threw a vial of acid over the stairs which seemed to have done in two more of the baddies.

Jeb turned and obliterated the Kobold attacking him from through the side door with a critical hit.

Laki attempted to see if anyone was alive beyond the burning barrier.

The desperate Kobold attacking Jeb managed to get a hit on him.

Axemine managed to get a hit on the Kobold attacking Jeb and killed it without hitting Jeb.

Jeb notices other Kobolds in the room he was attacked from.

Skye started to put out the fire on the burning barrier.

Jeb closed the door on the other Kobolds into the side room and moved a large rock in front of the doors.

The three bodies beyond the first barrier had 60 silver and a few pretty rocks on them.

The three Kobolds past the second (burning) barrier were all found to be dead. While attempting to loot the bodies Skye was hurt tripping a trap which collapsed the stairs while trying to loot the bodies.

Eventually Skye found 11 sp on each of the bodies. A rock and some form of Canine tooth where found on the first body. Another pretty blue rock was found on the second body, along with what looked like a mummified finger. The third one was carrying nothing special.

Laki rendered basic first aid to Skye in an attempt to keep them alive if they did something else silly.

While the party healed the Kobolds in the room and three others made a mad dash for freedom through a hidden door to the outside. Shikasi allowed them to escape without engaging.

Shikasi offered to transport Skye around on his floating disc to give him additional height.

They investigated the room the smaller Kobolds escaped from and found a gross nest. Shikasi took one of the antelope horns they found there.

The group attempted to decide on a leadership method while Laki attempted to clean up the disgusting hallway, calling it a risk to their retreat.

They investigated another room nearby where the kobolds seem to have been destroying furniture to make their weapons. Skye found another small dirty rock that seemed to have been accidentally dropped.

Jeb opened another room and tripped a trap caving in the ceiling. He took minor damage from falling debris. The room proved impossible to enter after that.

Jeb refused to open the next door, but Skye convinced Jeb to stand in front of the next door while Skye opened it. (Natural 20 on Persuasion check by Skye)

Shikasi (loudly) announced that he had an idea and proceeded to open the door at a distance with a Mage Hand spell. The door was trapped, but the trap failed to work correctly. They investigated the room and found that two columns supported a very weakened ceiling. They found nothing else of interest in the room. Skye closed the door and marked it with a simple warning.

The party moved on and found another locked door. Behind it they heard scraping and clattering noises. Attempts to communicate through the door failed.

They left that door alone and Shikashi attempted to open the door across the hall. Half the door fell from it’s hinges to the floor. 

Inside they found a Kobold that had been crushed by a large stone. Axemine moved the stone and found a magical knife and a bag of coins on the body.

Shikasi tested the knife on the bodies of some dead Kobolds from the previous fight and found that it effortlessly carved them with amazing effectiveness.

The party continued on past the crumbled stairs coming upon several doors that do not seem to have been opened in a very long time.

Axemine attempted to bash open the first one they found with her hammer. But nearly broke the weapon against the door. Shikasi investigated the same door and managed to unlock the magical lock.

Inside they found an ornate desk and chair. There was also a box and book on the desk, plus a sealed letter.

(The adventure concluded for the evening at this point)

The paths we choose
or ... Chasing the crown down and down

I feel as though I just snapped out of a daze and almost dream like a hallucination, filled with burning effigies, bright lights, music and shenanigans! Fortunately I snapped out of it just as the little lizardy kobold's started their attack. Seemed we were being flanked from 2 sides and they seem to have a small tactical advantage. So what's the best thing in a moment like this; CHAOS!!!! I chose my actions carefully and to ensure a chaotic moment for our enemies. Some dancing lights, a quick duck for cover behind my taller cohort. Alas I noticed her take a bolt to the shoulder, it's apparent I needed to get closer. Running as far as I could and tossing my last flast of alchemists fire towards them I got it close and it is working to help with cover. Alas they managed to get a shot into me before I could get substantial cover again. I approached the barrier and lobbed over some acid. Things seem to have gotten a little quieter from both ends. 

Tried to extinguished the fire with some dirt and appears the wee little bastards are dead. They are sneaky as they set a trip wire to collapse the staircase, that was a close call as the collapse slammed me against the wall. Checked the area carefully and search these denizens. Some meager finders a tooth, a mummified finger, some silver and some stones. Perhaps these will work for some sort of strange component for some potion, only one way to find out. Pushing onwards we discovered a little nest and some other very scared kobolds that made a run for it, good deal less to deal with. 

More traps and more hallways. Alas my friend Jeb took a bad smack from one of the trapped doors. We shall have teamwork for the next door. Fortunately Shikaashi offered his spell of mage hand to open the doors, these seems way safer. We found a room with some sort of ferocious sounding critter. Safely locked away. I think it may be best to leave it locked away. 

Digging around some more our group found a magical knife on a corpse and it seems to cut some nice meat. Some like a good carving knife for whoever does the most amount of cooking. We thought about going to take a rest in the wizards chamber, but alas it seems to have been locked. I didn't feel safe enough for us to leave so much unexplored down the way past the kobolds as there might be more danger, we pressed on a found some locked doors, however Shikashi seems to be quite astute and found a something magical holding one of the doors closed and was able to futz with it some to open it. It seems he found a key that keeps doors locked. I am curious if it also opens locked doors? 

There seems to be quite a bit of magic in here, something about the chest, the seal on a letter and a book. This could all be a trap.  


More Lookings

We looked for more doors. Found one with magic on it. There was a room for cooking too. Some one lived here, but did not want to talk. He locked himself in another room. Statue come to life, ugly. I stepped out and hit it. It did not get hurt. I went back inside the room and closed the door. Ugly statue was not able to get inside.

Ugly statue get bored, leaves us. We look at other doors. Find room with food. Room was cold. We looked at other rooms. We found a very large bug. We smashed it. 


I must remember to build a castle with less doors.


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