The Path of the Player

Nude crown found, escape castle. Go to city.

We fond the crown. The nude crown. We left castle. I forget somethings happened in the castle, but it is not important. We traveled to elf friend's place of schooling. There we pay to enter city, it must be a nice city to have to pay to enter.

Skyee sells his stuff, we get more gold. I find a man selling my lost Earth Breaker. I buy Earth Breaker. I now follow everyone, wondering when we go to Cedric to finish quest and get paid.

The choices we make
Did you see the size of those fangs?!?!?!

This is insanity. Their is a huge bug collection in the basement. Hopefully they are held back.

This is such an oddity of a place. This will take forever to clear out and make friendly again. 

We've pretty much cleared the upper floor, there seems to be a captive that we've rescued and a key still to be retrieved, however according to our ghostly friend, we should be able to get into the vault. And then we can get this crown. The crown which we are going to give to our woodby murderer? I think not. I am not going to let this fly. 

We can stake claim to these ruins and use them for our own endeavors. 

Although the druid in the dome may not take lightly to this, however she may be amenable to the idea. 

I do like this feeling of progressing my skills and learning how to handle more power.  Hrmmm….after seeing Shikashi with his bird friend and his usefulness in a fight,  I need to figure that out and find a little accomplice of my own. 



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Joramy blessed me with a fight!

We finished looking at all the rums, so we went to the stairs. We went down, found a nice orc guy. Like Corn, but different. We found a room with a big door. Could not open it. We found a hole. We went down. Lots of big bugs. I prepared to slay them in Joramy's name, but everyone wanted to leave. Jeb followed.

We find ghost man again. He tells us the key we need is in room with big kobolds. I get excited. I am able to kill in Joramy's name after all! I get many blessings from Joramy, then charge. I ignore the fires because Joramy is goddess of volcanoes, and volcanoes are at least 3 times hotter than this fire!

I climb up, punch a guy in the face, summon a Joramy weapon, and jump down to begin hurting them to death. Only, an explosion happened. I did not get to kill any. I am both happy and sad. Happy we won. Sad that I did not get to hurt more to death.

Garden with mean vines, Pretty Lady, Mean guy with hammers

We found a ghost. It screamed. We found a big bug. We smashed it. It made the castle fall on us. It hurt. We found another ghost. It helped us. It ran when we were attacked by kobolds. I charged kobold line. I hit wall. Shitaki turned dwarves into small dwarves, who went into cracks in wall and beat up kobolds. Carn helped me to take down wall. We went after kobolds. We find big guy with big armor, smashing people with hammers. I call on Joramy, and with her might, Axmine, Karn, Shitaki, Skyee, Joltear and me defeated evil man with hammers. I think his suit of armor might fit me.

Jeb is tired.

Tjordiir's Journal, Castle Entry

-Inside the castle, didn't take long to find sumthin. Found a stone circle with a big ol' egg inside and some gems inlaid. Apparently, enterin' these chambers must've alterted some 'ventures outside. I know one's called Jeb and I've yet to meet them.

-Friendly enough folk. Travelin with 'nother dwarf, so they got that goin for em. Welcomed me with a quick embrace as we investigated the room. A lady point-ear came out, she said she was a demon that lost a bet, seems likely, I would never loose a bet to a dandelion-eater! She rambled on about some shite from eons before, alls I heard is she wouldn't mind being free. These 'ventures seemed to be on the to and fro on this, I'm just here for battle, glory, and the glorious sound of coin in my pouch. Smashed a gem in the circle, letting her out. Worked out all right, she took off after a few more babbles, left us with a rock to call upon her if we need another history lesson. I'll pass.

-Narrowly avoided death from a REAL demon. The stuntie among my new friends has got some balls on him. Threated the demon with with life, demon took off, apparently fearing the little guy. Stuntie, he may be, but he got my respect. Shortly after, took down a spider near my size, couple blows from the hammer took him down quick. The big guy took down a construct of stone. Better him then me near an enemy of that size. Found a few ghosts, others managed to touch one, apparently startling them into this century. "He" seems to be a real piece of shite, whoever he is.

Doors, stone monsters and Ghosts!

We continued to move along. Looking for a nude crown. We find another dwarf. He wields a hammer. Smaller hammer than the one Joramy uses, but still a good hammer. This dwarf likes doors. Jeb doesn't. We open more doors, find many ghosts. We leave the ghosts alone. We find a stone monster. I hit it. Joramy blessed it. It died. Ghosts touched us. They gave us some information, I think. I could not hear them so well, since I was humming a death hymnal of Joramys. I did not have fire, or proper fighting gear to properly show respect. I do not know if they follow Joramy. They should. Joramy is a good god.

Dwarves, Demons and Ghosts...Oh my...
or...a cursed time!

It wasn't long after my last entry I heard an opening and closing of a door behind us, as we went to investigate we found a room with a strange pulsating crystal inside of 4 other gems. There was another dwarf that was welcomed easily enough, more adventurers, and he seems to be a front liner. That's good. And with enough of our screwing around and the crystal in the center disappeared and a Elf of some sort of demonic persuasion appeared to be trapped in some sort of prison. They were friendly enough, but perhaps not the smartest as apparently this is a Demon that lost a bet to a Demi-God and now has a conscious. They seemed to have been trapped here for over 6 centuries. They were brought here and trapped by some wizards to figure out what has cursed this castle and why all of it inhabitants were dying. During the conversation Tjordiir thought it wise to let them out of their prison. I felt it was inevitable, was hoping to find a little more information before hand, but alas they seemed to have been scarred away by something. They gave me a gem for summoning them in the future, I'll make sure to lock that away. 

Across the hall from Belora was another door that they had advised us of great evil and that we should leave well enough alone. I'm not a fan of that idea, and fortunately neither was this Tjordiir fellow, opening up this door we found a very upset demonish thing. It began attacking us and we ended up with a divided party, I tried to urge Jeb to get out while he could and I would have followed, but alas that didn't happen, it was coming for the 3 of us. While the remainder of the party shut the door to keep us in here. 

During the those first few seconds while I thought about what to do, the dwarf came running in an attempt to help and we seem to be killing its tentacles, I took it upon myself to attempt to scare it away, yelling in one of my more aggressive voices "You don't want to die here!" It took a momentary pause and then disappeared in a blinding flash! Ha! I knew having these skills would be better than big clunky weapons and armor! 

We continued through on the adventure, coming upon a stone creature that attacked us and with Jebs amazing strength and my weakening it with the acid we disposed of that creature rather quickly. Even if someone was trying to attack it with a ladder in the midst of the mist that Shikashi had conjured. We also dispatched of a small spider and I found another shiny made from a shell.

The remainder of the day we found a craft room with a couple of ghosts that didn't notice us at all, I feel sorry for these trapped creatures. 

We rested in the sage's room and those that needed to regain spells did, we moved on through and found a ball room with more ghosts dancing, during our transition through the room, Khaarn and Jeb bumped into them and they became congnizant of our presence. They were shocked to learn they were dead but did remember that the castle was cursed, it seemed to have impacted their memories. They left us with more questions…"It was him, he cursed us"

Who is he?!?!?!

Cask's getting low

-It's been nearly a full moon cycle, maybe two sense I left the last town. Cask's getting low, gonna need to find another source soon. Been a slow adventure for the past month, not much else then creatures to hunt. My luck may have changed, I've seen signs of an adventuring party, possibly containing one of my kin. Think I'll follow to see where they lead.


-I've followed the trail for a few days now, nothing of note along the way. Wild's plentiful, keepin' my belly full at the least.


-Downed a bear today, the most thrillin' excitement to grace me in near a month. Almost lost the trail, fairly sure I'm still following it though.


-This MUST be where they headed. I've come across a castle that seems to have not seen civilization for quite awhile. It looks abandoned, my kinda place. The ought be treasure and adventure in these halls. Fairly sure these tracks outside are the same I've been followin'


-An explosion echoed through the halls shortly after I entered, think I'll investigate, could well be the ones I seek.

What day is it?

Well, isn't that an interesting turn of circumstances. It seems I've now been given the responsibilities to put to rest the remains of Lady Tigersoul. Such an interesting turn of events. What reading one little letter can do, There was also a spell book as well as this nice little chest both bound to the same key. Such an interesting group of items. 

An unexpected visitor seems to have wanted to join us, and orcish/elfish person of what appears the be of thiefly persuasion seems to have meandered into the room, apparently trying to stay away from a oozy thing. He is a great reminder not to stand in the way of Jeb's hammer. 

After discovering the Lady Tigersoul's body, I wanted to make sure to give it some last words. I didn't know the lady, however she must have been quite important. I wonder what else may come of this letter. 

Adventuring on, we stumbled upon Cedron, he apparently has been here for some time, in fact I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know how long he has been here. Seems a little lost in his thoughts and books that he continues to burn. 

More exploring and more of what Cedron referred to as Sweepers, the oozy things, just clean the hallways. They are simple minded creatures, and apparently explode from frost. Collapsing tunnels and such. Fortunately we have our other way back in, when Shikashi said secure another exit, I didn't think he was going to mean close it off. 

Some more interesting rooms to be found, some seem to have more structural something or other jargon that Shikashi passed on, the amount of knowledge in that elfs head has to to stupifying at some point I would think…we shall see. 

O and apparently, now the druid has gone and gotten a bore…what an interesting creature this dwarf is…

I wonder what will lies beyond ….




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